03 June 2013

stk212527rkeYour skin is the largest organ in your body and it needs to be looked after Ė whether you are a man or a woman. Skin is the first line of defence between you and the environment. It regulates internal temperature and insulates organs. But a manís beauty regime needs to be different to that of a woman. Here are some tips to make sure yours is in the best condition possible.Why?Men have thicker skin than women and many also shave every day. As a result of this their oil glands are more active leaving them prone to acne and scars.RisksSun exposure may make the skin thick and leathery, while shaving every day can lead to conditions such as folliculitis. Men also tend to suffer more with dry skin conditions such as dandruff. Men should also avoid heavy moisturising products that may encourage the production of skin oils.RemediesCleanse before you shave using a soap free moisturiser. When it comes to shaving, try a hypoallergenic shaving foam or gel and then shave in only one direction. If you are toning, also make sure you use a hypoallergenic, alcohol-free toner. Try sprinkling antifungal powder on the folds of your clothes and socks to absorb sweat and avoid infections.StartIf you need to convince the man in your life to start looking after his skin properly, emphasise the logic of prevention.