Top no-no’s for acne

27 February 2014

AcneAcne is a common skin condition, found in both teens and adults. Its presence can be embarrassing and can lead to feelings of low self-esteem. That’s according to skincare expert Doctor Aurora Dejuliis. She writes in an article for Health News Digest about the importance of treating acne, not only to boost the sufferer’s self-esteem, but to avoid the chance of being left with permanent scars.There are many treatments available for acne sufferers, such as Isolaz Laser treatment and the Obagi Blue Skin Peel. The only laser treatment to be approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), Isolaz cleanses the pores to leave skin clearer and more radiant looking. Similarly, the Obagi Blue Skin Peel offers deep rejuvenation, causing the damaged surface layers of the skin to be replaced by healthier, new cells. Doctor Dejuliis states that there are certain practices which should be avoided by acne sufferers, to ensure that the spots do not become aggravated. These include not touching the blemishes, cleansing skin properly once or twice a day, checking the ingredients of your skincare products, and regularly changing your pillowcase. She also recommends bearing in mind the factors which are known to trigger acne, including “excess sebum, stress, high levels of progesterone, tobacco use and high blood sugar.” “A comprehensive treatment is recommended in the fight against acne, no matter what your age. This includes not only skin care but also living a healthy lifestyle, managing stress and avoiding destructive behaviours like overindulgence in alcohol, drugs or junk food”, she added. Which acne no-no’s are you guilty of? Let us know on Facebook.