07 August 2013

cosmetic injection of botoxHeading for cosmetic surgery used to mean a long spell spent out of work, covered in bandages – but not anymore. According to one plastic surgeon, there are a growing number of procedures that require almost no downtime whatsoever. Lunch-time visits to a cosmetic surgeon are very much in vogue, says Dr Mohan Thomas.Technological and biological advancements mean certain treatments are becoming quicker and significantly less of a burden on an already worked up wallet – especially when compared to surgical options. “Nonetheless, these are quick fixes only and need to be repeated, unlike surgery,” says Dr Thomas. “[But] with minimal time and intervention on your part, the result that can be achieved with these procedures is a good bargain.” For wrinkles on the upper face and neck, he suggests BTX-A or botulinum, the purified toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botuli. It works by selectively relaxing muscles that contribute to frown lines and certain other facial wrinkles. “[It] makes you look younger and more relaxed, not frozen and expressionless as is the common misconception,” adds Thomas. For smile lines, hollow cheeks, volumeless lips and hidden jawline he recommends dermal fillers. These add volume to the face and make it look more plump and fresh, “just like a well hydrated fruit”. Finally, he points those with dark patches and signs of sun damage in the direction of peels. Those going for a peel may experience a burning sensation straight away, but the results take two to three weeks to appear.