03 June 2011

School bullyingCosmetic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn has revealed that his unusually large jaw made him the target of school bullies and that surgery was his saving grace. While Dr Youn admits that it is not unusual for children to be teased at school, he said that the combination of his unusual looks and the fact that he had to wear braces on his teeth meant he looked, in his own words, like an 11-year-old Hannibal Lecter. Dr Youn has written a memoir in which he describes how the corrective surgery to his face, which he had when he was in college, transformed his looks and changed his life. He also talks extensively about how his own personal experiences have helped him to understand other peoples insecurities and become a renowned plastic surgeon. In an interview with USA Today, Dr Youn said: I've found that even those we think of as the most classically good-looking people still have insecurities, even the most beautiful among us. I may be a successful plastic surgeon, but I'm still, deep-down, a skinny, nerdy kid. Dr Youn turns away a quarter of all patients who visit his surgery as he believes that the benefits do not outweigh the risks in the majority of cases. 'There are women 5ft 4in and 115lb who want liposuction. I'm not going to operate on somebody just to change them. The benefit has to outweigh the risks.'