02 July 2013

stk212569rkeResearch is the first thing anyone should do before choosing a plastic surgeon, according to a Californian physician. Dr Kevin Ciresi, of Kent Medical Centre, says nobody should be afraid of asking questions the right ones will promise you the correct and best treatment. Potential patents should also always check the doctor is registered with the applicable advisory board.Once you find out the proper qualifications for your chosen surgeon, you should find personal references through friends and family. This will give you another great insight into the plastic surgeon's reputation throughout his or her community. On the second question you should be asking, Dr Ciresi says: What happens in case of an emergency? Your plastic surgeon should always have a backup plan in case an emergency arises. A board certified plastic surgeon will tell his or her patients about the risks and complications that may occur during surgery. They will make you aware of what happens when they occur. Knowing this type of information requires educating yourself about your surgeon's qualifications. Your surgeon should always have a good standing with the emergency hospital, or hospitals, nearest to the facility where surgery is taking place. It should be possible to check the surgeon's credentials with the alternative hospital or hospitals. It is also important to make sure that the medical facility where the surgeon operates is accredited.