03 February 2011

Epilating, depilatory creams, shaving, waxing...these hair removal methods - lets call them over-the-counter techniques - are designed to temporarily remove hair from the face and body, and theres no denying that they do just that. But is temporary good enough for everyone? For some, it is. Some men enjoy the ritual of shaving their faces, and some women dont mind shaving their underarms, legs, or bikini line each time they shower. For these people the trick is to remember the importance of preparation and aftercare. Epilating and Waxing Reduce the pain of this hair removal technique by soaking the area to be treated in warm water to open the pores and reduce resistance. Exfoliate the skin gently and pat dry. Once you have exfoliated the area, ensure that you use a good moisturiser to reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs. Depilatory creams Hair removal creams tend to incorporate moisturisers, but they still involve using chemicals on the skin, and washing the cream off using water, which is proven to dry out the skin. It is therefore advisable to moisturise thoroughly after using hair removal cream, to keep the skin feeling smooth and silky. Shaving Shaving offers hair removal and exfoliation in one, but because shaving is often a daily activity, it can cause trauma to the skin, including dryness, itchiness, and redness. Avoid these symptoms by opening up the pores using a warm flannel or having a warm bath or shower before shaving, and by moisturising thoroughly afterwards. For those who feel that taming and controlling the appearance of unwanted facial and body hair is a full-time job, a more long-term solution is laser hair removal.Laser hair removalThis method of hair removal offers men and women a way to permanently reduce or remove unwanted hair from just about any area of the face or body. The laser is passed over the area being treated, and this destroys the hairs and reduces the chances of them growing back. Laser hair removal is effective not only at removing all types of hair (including Vellus hair, or peach fuzz) but it also treats the painful and unsightly problem of ingrown hairs, which can occur in any area that is regularly targeted for hair removal. Most people require a course of treatments of laser hair removal, but afterwards - are left with smooth, soft, and hair-free skin.