Top tips for pollution-proofing your skin

Top tips for pollution-proofing your skin

4 January 2016

You’ve probably never given it a second thought but pollution can have a really damaging effect on your skin. It’s easy to stay protected though – just follow these tips.

While it’s not surprising that pollution is bad for your skin, new research shows that the city smog may actually be worse than anticipated, adding years onto your appearance – but how? Some of the particles that make up air pollution bind themselves to the fats in your skin, while others slip through your pores, draining moisture and leaving your skin feeling dry.

So how does that make you look older? Well the pollution particles also trigger what’s known as free radicals, which in turn causes premature onset of ageing. You may also find yourself developing pigmentation spots on your cheeks and forehead as a result of being exposed to pollution.

The non-city dwellers are unfortunately not immune to the damaging effects of pollution either, it seems. According to research, 90 per cent of Europeans who live in built-up areas breathe in polluted air.

Contrary to popular belief, pollution isn’t solely the result of factory fumes and gridlocked traffic – cigarette smoke is also loaded with pollutant particles, which can have an effect on even passive smokers.

So how can you combat these effects?

Eat plenty of supergreens such as seaweed, which helps to remove pollution from your body.
Try adding live yoghurt to your diet to give your body good bacteria. This allows it to absorb nutrients more easily and remove toxins more efficiently.
Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as sweet potatoes, berries, carrots and peppers.

You can also make a few small changes to your beauty regime:

  • Cleanse your skin daily with a sonic cleansing brush, designed to effectively remove more dirt than with manual cleaning.
  • Exfoliate to successfully slough away dead, polluted skin cells on the surface of your skin. Look for a product which is gentle on skin if you intend to exfoliate more than once a week.
  • Invest in products containing antioxidants to prevent premature ageing and reverse signs of age spots that are triggered by pollution.
  • Use foundation to block pollutant particles from penetrating your skin. Look for one containing SPF30 for further skin protection.

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