22 March 2013

Woman with vibrant skinAlthough it may not seem like it, summer will soon be on its way and for many people, this can mean dry, damaged and flaky skin. However, help is at hand in the form of an article from Body Sky, which offers tips on how to combat these problems.One of the most important steps people should take is moisturising their skin with a light, non-greasy product as soon as they step out of the shower. Exfoliating twice a week is also important, while the application of sunscreen is essential before stepping outside to help block the suns harmful UV rays. The article advised individuals to drink as much water as possible to keep their body hydrated and ensure moisture is properly distributed during the warmer months. Home-made fruit face packs are also revealed to be a great way of resorting moisture to the skin and the website offers a few recipes. The first involves mashing half a banana with a teaspoon of honey and yoghurt, while another recommends mixing the juice of an orange or coconut water with a teaspoon of honey.