Top tips for using and applying eye cream correctly

22 October 2014

When it comes to health and beauty, we often think that using a bit more conditioner here or adding more foundation there is a good thing – but in fact, can be the opposite. The mantra of ‘quality over quantity’ is well-practised in the beauty industry, and is especially true in eye care - yet while to several this may seem a simple task, you’d be surprised by how many women are incorrect in their application of eye cream.

The majority of people believe that using more of a product will reap faster results – but eye cream is thicker than moisturiser, which is why you should be gentle in your approach. Apply in a sideways motion, and using your ring fingertips, dab on the bottom and top eyelids; being sure not to pull on this fragile section of your skin.

Additionally, ensure you get your eye care routine right – with a basic rule of thumb being apply your Skin Care products from the lightest right through to the heaviest. Don’t waste your eye cream; three drops will suffice – and don’t forget to concentrate on areas such as the corners of your eye, and along the top of your cheek. Make sure the cream doesn’t get too close to the eye; as the cream will naturally travel across your face as the skin heats up – which can eventually seep into your eyes. Lastly, store your eye cream in the fridge to help soothe any puffy eyes first thing in the morning.

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