Top tips to test whether you’re using the right products for your skin

Top tips to test whether you’re using the right products for your skin

23 February 2016

We’ve all been there – you’ve heard a lot of buzz about the latest ‘must-have’ beauty product, incorporated it into your regime… only to find that it has had absolutely zero effect on your appearance. So what does this mean? Should you just accept that some things are too good to be true? Or is there a reason behind it? Here’s how to work out which products are right for your skin.

  • It shouldn’t get worse before things get better

You may be tempted to think that if a product is stinging, it must be a sign that it’s working. New York-based Dermatologist Neal Schultz disagrees, explaining that signs of inflammation, stinging sensations or redness are signs that you should stop using the product immediately.

  • Good things don’t happen overnight

On the other hand, it’s also important that you give a new product the chance to start working before disregarding it completely. When it comes to treating dark spots and wrinkles, Dr. Schultz explains: “You need a minimum of two weeks – but closer to a month – to see results”, although it can vary from product to product. Where moisturiser is concerned, you can expect immediate effects, while exfoliating products require a week or so to take effect.

  • Buy according to your skin type

If your skin is sensitive and dry, buying products tailored to oily skin will not do you any favours. Depending on the product, it can actually make your skin worse. Answer the following to determine your skin type: does your forehead and nose get shiny around two hours after washing? Do your cheeks feel dry and tight? If you answered yes to both, you have combination skin. Answering no to both means your skin type is normal; yes to the former and no to the latter means you have oily skin, while no to the former and yes to the latter means you have dry skin.

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