11 August 2009

As the job market continues to become increasingly competitive, it has been revealed that a number of older women are considering cosmetic surgery procedures to provide them with an edge. According to the Daily Mail, older women are starting to turn towards treatments such as Botox and chemical peels to rejuvenate their appearance in the hope of looking younger and fresher at job interviews.Women over 55 are increasingly planning to invest in a number of non surgical solutions in response to what has been dubbed the 'Arlene Philips' effect. This refers to the 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge in her sixties who was replaced by 30 year old singer Alesha Dixon. Figures from cosmetic surgery providers the Harley Medical Group found that inquiries from women in the over 55 category had increased by 9 per cent on the previous year and attributed this uptake to the fear that they will be replaced by the younger generation. Increased competition in the workplace was cited as the second most common reason for women choosing cosmetic rejuvenating procedures. The most popular reason was women hoping to "look as young as they feel." The Daily Mail reports that Liz Dale, director of the Harley Medical Group, said: "It's interesting to see that pressure in the workplace is a key driver for women of more advanced years, given the current high level of competition for jobs. "Women over 55 have really boosted our non-surgical market, which now accounts for 29 per cent of our total revenue."