21 September 2011

106554719The female cast of ITV2s reality television show The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) has revealed what their body hang ups are. In an interview with Heat magazine, Essex Girls Lydia Bright and Lucy Mecklenburgh opened up about what they love and hate about their bodies.Bright and Mecklenburgh are in the minority of cast members who have not had cosmetic surgery. Amy Childs recent star of Celebrity Big Brother Lauren Goodger and Maria Fowler have all had surgery, including breast enlargement and nose reshaping. Lydia Bright said: I have a permanent lump on my lip, and sometimes one eye looks smaller than the other. I have to work hardest on my stomach. If I left it for a week, it would go flabby. Meanwhile it is Mecklenburghs bum that knocks her body confidence, so much so that she doesnt allow current boyfriend Mario Falcone to see it. 'Generally [Im confident when naked], yes, although I dont like my boyfriend seeing my bum. I could tone it up a bit, said Mecklenburgh.