05 July 2011

104513410Chloe Simms, cast member on the current series of ITV2s The Only Way is Essex, has confirmed that she would like bigger breast implants. The brunette had breast enlargement surgery to take her from a size 34D to a 34EE but admits that she wouldve liked to have gone bigger.Speaking to Reveal magazine, Simms said: I would have liked to have had boobs as big as Jordan's used to be, but medically I couldn't this time. I haven't got a lot of skin on my chest and the surgeon told me that I'd literally be able to see the implant through it. I wanted to go big but I didn't want them to look ugly for the sake of the size. The 29-year-old mother of one added that she thinks girls with big boobs look great and that being top heavy makes the stomach appear smaller. She also said that would never allow her daughter Madison, now six, to have cosmetic surgery during her teenage years.