06 July 2011

56405299Lauren Pope, a cast member on the current series of ITV2s The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE), has revealed that she wants more nose reshaping surgery. Fresh from the clinic and with no visible bruising or swelling, the 27-year-old glamour model reveals that she likes her new nose but that it is still not quite perfect. Surgeons have warned Pope that any further cosmetic surgery performed to reshape the tip of the nose could result in a collapse of the cartilage and to therefore steer clear of further work.The surgery was performed smooth a bump in Popes nose. The same procedure was performed on boyfriend and fellow cast member Kirk Norcross, 23, to reduce the width of the nose and to correct the shape following a sporting accident in which his nose was broken. Norcross has spoken out to say that he is happy with his new nose, which he says not only looks smaller but also allows him to breathe more easily.