15 May 2009

A new study by a leading UK cosmetic surgery company has revealed figures that suggest a trend for older women undergoing cosmetic procedures when dating younger men. The study, carried out by the Harley Medical Group, found that there has been an increase in the number of 45 plus women visiting its clinics in comparison with last year's figures. According to Private Healthcare UK, staff revealed that there are a large number of women in this age bracket stating that relationships with younger men are an influence in their decision to choose cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedures. In the 45 plus age group, Botox is proving the most popular non-surgical procedure - with a 13 per cent increase of treatments in the last year. Meanwhile face lifts top the list of surgical procedures with a 10 per cent rise. Older women dating younger men, often called 'sugar mummies', are thought to be taking inspiration from stars such as Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Sadie Frost and Demi Moore, all of whom are well known for their relationships with younger men. The report also found that some women are using money from divorce proceedings to fund their cosmetic procedures. According to Private Healthcare UK, Mark Keenan the founder of the online divorce service Divorce Online said: "Women are increasingly factoring in extra money in their divorce settlements for cosmetic treatments. After a stressful, unhappy divorce period many want to overhaul their life and often having a relationship with a younger man helps them feel energised." Despite a recent boom in male cosmetic procedures, women account for 82.5 per cent of all patients at the Harley Medical Group.