Toyah supports women keen to undergo cosmetic surgery

10 October 2008

Former 1980s punk singer Toyah Wilcox has come out in support of women who are keen to undergo cosmetic surgery, five years after she underwent a facelift.

The 50-year old star has stated that she wrote her book, Diary of a Facelift, in 2005 in an effort to show women the importance of finding a licensed cosmetic surgery practitioner.

According to The Sun, she said: "Getting a good surgeon took time because back then no one would talk openly about their surgery.

"...The reason I wrote my book, Diary of a Facelift, is that no one would give me good advice and I didn't want other women to end up in the hands of a cowboy."

Toyah went on to reveal that she is now much more content with her appearance since her facelift, adding: "The great thing now is that you don't have to look old at 50, or even 60. Just look at Helen Mirren - she's 62, looks fantastic and shows that you can be sexy at any age."

A facelift is among the most popular anti-ageing surgical solutions, closely followed by eye bag removal (blepharoplasty). Botox and other wrinkle relaxing injections are also rapidly gaining in popularity as a method of creating the appearance of a younger visage.

Toyah recently featured in an ITV programme on cosmetic surgery hosted by Leslie Ash, who famously underwent an operation to plump up her lips - usually carried out through the use of dermal fillers - in 2002.

Her statements are timely, as cosmetic surgery associations across the world attempt to encourage patients to avoid rogue surgeons and turn to well-established clinics instead.