Travel like a beauty pro: the essentials one beauty editor won’t leave home without

Travel like a beauty pro: the essentials one beauty editor won’t leave home without

24 July 2015

Is it just us, or are baggage allowances becoming more and more stringent? While we’ve mastered compacting as many clothes as possible into our teeny-weeny suitcases, beauty products are an entirely different problem. Heavy, bulky and utterly un-squashable they’re the bane of our packing lives! So here are a few tips from a Beauty Editor about packing strategically – and she doesn’t just mean opting for miniature bottles.


Your hair needs sun protection just like your skin, it’ll help you avoid a painful burnt scalp and prevent the sun from lightening your hair too. So make sure you pack a UV protective treatment and coat hair from root to tip while you’re enjoying a lazy day at the beach.

Sea salt, chlorine and sunshine can be tough on your hair, so pack a moisturising shampoo and nourishing conditioner. Full size bottles add unnecessary weight to your bag, so in this instance opt for the miniature versions of your favourite products.


A good cleanser is a must after a long, hot day so pack a good make-up remover and exfoliating cleanser to avoid getting blemishes while you’re away.

Going completely bare-faced can feel a little intimidating, so pack a water proof mascara to give your lashes a little lift without risking unsightly panda eyes. Tinted moisturiser is also a nice holiday product because it’s lighter than foundation, and after a couple of days in the sun your skin is likely to need less coverage anyway.


Avoid that first-day-at-the-beach-pale look by using a gradual tanning product a couple of days before you jet off and just after you arrive. A little base colour will give your bikini body confidence a boost too.

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Image credit: vnlit/ Shutterstock