28 November 2008

As the festive season rapidly approaches my friends and I have been frantically running around trying to fit everything in. It always sneaks up on you doesnt it? Ive still a ton of presents to buy and quite a few party outfits too.

It seems unfair that one of the most party packed months has to come bang slap in the middle of winter just when were feeling at our worst and most frumpy. I know Im not the only one at risk of putting on a few pounds with all the comfort food that cheers me up on cold days and thats before Christmas dinner even. Then theres chapped lips and hair thats all dried out from over-powering heaters. But once weve got our glad rags on, were sure to feel much better - that is, if we can battle to the evening wear section of our favourite high street stores to find that perfect dress.

Even though it's meant to be one of the best times of the year, the Christmas period sometimes makes you want to hide away. I can see the stress getting to some of my friends - especially this year what with the whole credit crisis - and who wants those frown lines spoiling their yuletide cheer?

That's why we tend to treat ourselves to a few non-surgical procedures like wrinkle relaxing injections and skin peels around this time of year. It seems fair to buy ourselves a present while we're stocking up on gifts for everyone else. And I guess getting yourself a little something thats going to make you feel more confident and likely to shine at Christmas parties will make it easier to ask someone to kiss you under the mistletoe!