Treatments for lines and wrinkles most popular in the warmer months

04 October 2011

100159780A cosmetic surgeon in Australia has revealed that Botox treatments seem to be more popular during the warmer months of the year. Alex Pike, an injectables practitioner at FACEclinic in Border, Australia, said that the treatment was more popular during the summer and that requests for Botox injections had increased by 20 per cent in the last six months.“Leading up to Oaks Day [a big date in Australia’s racing calendar] I’m seeing four or five people for that one event,” she said. In another cosmetic surgery clinic in the same town, Dr Lumila Kraft said she treats between six and 10 women each week with Botox, and that her clinic has seen an annual increase of 30 per cent for the last seven years. Botox patient Ms Strauss, 39, said: “It’s something I do for me, when you look in the mirror it looks like you’ve been on a holiday...instead of looking cranky all the time.”