20 October 2010

The current trend for curvaceous stars of the small screen could have an effect on the number of boob jobs taking place in the UK, according to some cosmetic surgery insiders. According to Cosmetic News Portal, cosmetic surgeon Laurence Kirwan claims the influence of busty celebrities such as Mad Men's Christina Hendricks could boost the number of women considering breast augmentation. Dr Kinwan explained that "seeing Christina Hendricks' womanly curves on our TV screens is not only a morale booster for well-endowed women but also emphasises the fact that a voluptuous bosom is an asset."While many stars in recent years have been criticised for their slim and often too-skinny appearances, there has been some evidence the trend may be set to change - with curvaceous beauties such as Christina spearheading the revamp. This summer, reality TV star and laser hair removal fan Kim Kardashian revealed plans to launch a new clothing range for curvy women with the help of her sisters Khloe and Kourtney. The trio were joined by Janie Bryant, the designer for Mad Men, in a bid to create clothes both flattering and inspiring to women who boast a few curves. Kim and Mad Men's Christina aren't the only female celebrities providing a role model for women who like a little bit of bust - Christina Aguilera has also been showing off her buxom figure in recent months and plus size model Crystal Renn has been garnering a lot of attention in the press as well.