Trends show patients seeking smaller cosmetic surgery procedures

06 February 2009

Cosmetic surgeons around the world are reporting an increase in clients seeking smaller cosmetic surgery procedures. Studies have shown that cosmetic surgery clinics have maintained business levels during the recession, but patients are seeking less expensive, non-surgical procedures.Dr. Omeed Memar, a cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist in Chicago, told the Medill Report: "For my practice, larger procedures like liposuction, I'm now doing maybe one a month, so it has dropped... This change has occurred within the past four months." However, Botox and other non-surgical procedures such as dermal fillers and laser hair removal are becoming increasingly popular. A recent study found that seven out of ten surgeons have seen an increase in these procedures, which are notably less expensive than other surgical procedures such as breast surgery and tummy tucks. Another Chicago cosmetic surgeon, Dr Carolyn Jacob, added that many cosmetic surgery patients won't give up their Botox or filler procedures because they are very important to them. Jacob added that her business is still growing, saying: "The trend has been more patients seeking procedures in the hundreds of dollars and a bit of downturn in procedures like liposuction, which can cost thousands of dollars." She added that she expects the popularity of non-surgical procedures to rise during the economic downturn, saying: "People want to feel good about themselves when things may not be going right with their job, and in addition they also want to look good in case they are interviewing for a new job.