04 February 2010

TV presenter Trinny Woodall has always been supportive of cosmetic surgery, and the self-confessed Botox fan sparked discussion last night when she appeared at a function with much plumper lips than usual.Mail Online reports that Trinny attended the 135th birthday celebration of London's Criterion Restaurant, where she was seen sporting a large pout than caused many to speculate that she may have recently had dermal fillers. The 45-year-old star, who rose to fame as the co-presenter of What Not to Wear alongside Susannah Constantine, previously revealed that she has been using Botox for years to help retain a more youthful appearance. "'I've had Botox for seven years and I'm very happy I've done it," Trinny said. "The person I see very much believes that it's about prevention. I'd love to never have to have a facelift." But Trinny said that she will undergo plastic surgery if she thinks she needs it, and sees it playing a role in her future. "I'm definitely having surgery," she explained. "The key is to make it subtle. I hate the Hollywood look where people look like dolls." Trinny split from her millionaire husband Johnny Elichaoff in 2008, and was seen at last night's event with a male guest. Wearing a black dress and faux fur coat, Trinny showed that women can still look great into their 40s, and her new pout may be further evidence that full lips are the key to looking younger.