07 April 2010

Trinny Woodall has spoken openly about her use of Botox to hold back the years, and encourages women to use cosmetic surgery if it helps them achieve their ideal appearance.Speaking to Tatler magazine, the fashionista explained her frank appreciation of the wrinkle relaxing injections, and advised women on the best time to use Botox. "I think it's unnecessary to go all coy and French and pretend you're just amazingly beautiful naturally," Trinny said. "I would advise women not to be shy about admitting they've had Botox - it just shows you want to look your best - and there's nothing wrong with that. I judge when I need a top-up of Botox by looking in the mirror to see if I can move more than half my forehead." The 46-year-old star, who made her name as co-presenter of What Not to Wear alongside Susannah Constantine, said she starting using Botox three times a year in her 30s, and has also had further non surgical cosmetic treatments including skin peels. The TV star was also spotted in February sporting a larger pout that some believed was the result of dermal fillers. Trinny explained that she does not currently have any plans to have more invasive cosmetic surgery, but believes women should be allowed to do whatever it takes to feel good about themselves. "We might not all have had the good fortune to be born with a perfect complexion, but we can make it happen, with a little help," Trinny said.