12 November 2012

'Tummy tuck' surgery needs to be combined with a regular exercise regime if its benefits are to be maximised. That's the view of El Paso, Texas-based personal trainer Michelle Zapanta, who says many of her clients ask whether it would be safe for them to augment the benefits they get to their abdominal area through exercise by undergoing abdominoplasty as well.There are two circumstances in which women should consider such an operation, Zapanta says. "Tummy tuck is well-suited for the person who has lost a lot of weight rapidly and has excess skin around the tummy area," she writes. "It also might be called for if abdominal muscles are weak and skin lacks elasticity due to numerous childbirths or by carrying multiples," Zapanta adds. However, she concludes, the surgical procedure is "a good thing, but only as a last resort after starting a lifestyle of exercise and healthful eating." And while she says there are risks to the procedure, as with any surgery, the long-term results depend on the patient deciding that a new diet and exercise regime is needed alongside it. She concludes: "My recommendation is to try and give diet and exercise a fighting chance. If you don't achieve your desired results, go ahead and get yourself a lift. "Just remember: lasting results require a healthier you."