15 October 2013

Slim woman with tape measure around waistAbdominoplasty procedures, more commonly called tummy tucks, are being shown to greatly help motivate patients towards maintaining a healthy weight. New research from Switzerland, published in the latest edition of medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, suggests that patients who combine abdominoplasty surgery with bariatric surgery to reduce the size of their stomach regain weight at a rate of just one pound a year a quarter of that for patients who had the stomach-reducing operation alone. The Wall Street Journal, reporting the findings, notes: "The authors say the findings add to the argument that such procedures are an essential part of successful weight-loss surgery."It cites the story of Lizanne Hadaddin from California, who, until undergoing hernia surgery earlier this year, had steadily lost 120 pounds over eight years of careful dieting and exercise. She combined her hernia operation with an abdominoplasty in July, and reports that she is now partaking in a full exercise regime, including jogging, swimming, weightlifting and exercise classes. "I feel like clothes fit me better and I feel much better when I jog and exercise," she told the WSJ.