Tummy Tucks motivate patients to keep off excess weight says Surgeon

17 February 2014

overweight women stomachPeople who undergo Cosmetic Surgery to remove excess skin and improve their appearance after dieting successfully are sufficiently pleased with their new look to want to stay at their new weight. That's the claim from Arizona-based Cosmetic Surgery specialist Dr Remus Repta, who is supporting efforts by his profession's body, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to persuade the country's lawmakers to reclassify a range of body-sculpting procedures, such as Liposuction.He adds that he has seen many instances of patients' morale having improved after undergoing such a procedure: "People who are good candidates for and undergo a circumferential Tummy Tuck are some of my happiest patients," he says. And he concludes that patients who supplement Liposuction with major changes in their diet, to achieve weight loss which they then sustain, "definitely are motivated to maintain a healthy weight". How do you think having a Tummy Tuck would change your approach to maintaining a healthy weight? Let us know on Twitter.