Turn back the clock with an Anti-Ageing massage for your face

Turn back the clock with an Anti-Ageing massage for your face

20 June 2016

Turn back the clock with an Anti-Ageing massage for your face

If you’ve ever had a massage, you’ll know just how relaxing they can be – but did you know that they also bring other benefits? Facial massage in particular can help to improve the appearance of many skin concerns, particularly ageing. Here’s how.

How does facial massage promote Anti-Ageing?

A facial massage helps to stimulate the blood vessels in your skin, making blood flow more efficiently and providing skin cells with essential nourishment. It can also help prevent sagging and can encourage lymphatic drainage.

How do I do it?

Use the pads of your fingertips to massage your face in circular strokes, starting from the jawline and working your way up to the top of your head. Be careful not to use your fingernails while massaging as this could results in breaking the skin, leading to scarring and pigmentation.

Should I do it every day?

Experts recommend limiting your facial massage to once a month to stimulate optimal growth and regeneration of skin cells. Doing it more frequently is unlikely to improve the effectiveness or speed up results.

You should also take extra care if you suffer from sensitive skin. Keep your touch light to prevent irritation.

Are there certain facial areas I should target?

You can massage all areas of your face for optimum effectiveness – but it’s useful to focus on the specific areas you want to improve. For example, you can prevent puffy eyes by lightly applying a small amount of eye cream to the pads of your fingertips and gently massaging your eyelids in upward strokes.

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Image credit: Piotr Marcinski/ Shutterstock.com