20 June 2014

There are certain treatments and procedures that are usually reserved for women – but with more and more people making a conscious effort to look after their appearance, it seems that men are jumping onto the beauty bandwagon. What could they possibly be having done, you may ask? Line & Wrinkle treatments, of course – tackling fine lines in the hope of maintaining a youthful complexion. “It just made me look older and kind of made me look like I was frowning, and even my daughters when they were younger would even ask, ‘Dad why do you have that line on your face?’” said Paul Norris, a Line & Wrinkle treatment patient. Inspired by his wife (who had been having the injectables for years), Norris decided to take the plunge – and after consulting with US expert Dr Richard Korentager, hasn’t looked back since. “Their spouse comes, they hear about it, they think ‘well that was easy’, and then they want to watch what happens,” explained Korentager. Recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that men underwent more than 385,000 Line and Wrinkle injections in 2013 – which is an increase of 310 per cent from 2000's figure. He added: “It’s a bias in society. It’s the grey hair in a man may look more distinguished. In a woman, not always felt that way. And it’s the same with the lines.” An additional difference when it comes to injectables and the gender divide is that men are not as likely to discuss this procedure as much as women. “I’m sure I will get a few phone calls tonight from a few guys and go through a little bit of typical guy razzing, but some of them might be asking me, ‘How do I get it done?’” he said. Calling all men – have you tried Line & Wrinkle treatments or considered the injectables? If so, fancy sgaring your experience? Answers on a digital postcard please over at our Facebook page!