TV Cosmetic Surgeons urge teens not to follow in Kylie Jenner’s footsteps

21 October 2015

From breast implants inserted into the buttocks to wrinkles filled with cement – the Cosmetic Surgeons on E!’s reality TV series ‘Botched’ have seen any number of horror stories.  But when LA based Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif aren’t fixing failed surgeries, they say the biggest celebrity inspiration named in their practice is 18 year old Kylie Jenner.

The reality TV star made waves in the media when she (finally) admitted her plump pout was the result of Juverderm Lip Filler injections, which she began when she was just 17. Undergoing a Non Surgical Treatment at such a young age sparked a lot of criticism and it’s something the Surgeons say they would always advise their own patients against.

“We’ve said numerous times on the show (‘Botched’) that we do not recommend this. Everyone is different, but if someone is asking us to recommend it for their 18 year old daughter, Terry and I are always going to say no.” Dr Nassif explained.

The Cosmetic Surgeons feel it is best for teenagers to wait, before turning to Cosmetic Treatments, at that age your body, and how you feel about your body, are still changing. So taking a little extra time will ensure a patient is absolutely certain about their decision.

Dr Nassif continued, “She really started a trend. It’s amazing that someone so young could be so influential in this area… No disrespect to Kylie, because we think she’s beautiful and the lips are beautiful, but in our personal opinion we suggest waiting.”

The youngest sister isn’t the only sibling to inspire a wave of Cosmetic Surgeries, in a recent interview Dr Dubrow talked about the increasing number of butt implants he is having to correct as people strive to emulate the look of Kim Kardashian. “It’s the Kardashian effect” Dr Dubrow explained “it’s concerning because there is only so much the buttocks will take.”

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Image credit: Tinseltown/ Shutterstock