19 November 2013

beauty treatmentLaser Hair Removal was the subject of a discussion of long-running American TV programme the Dr Oz Show yesterday. And the show's host, Cardiac Surgeon Dr Mehmet Oz, recommended the procedure, saying: "Laser Hair Removal has come a long way and the new lasers are virtually painless." To support his view, he interviewed New York-based dermatologist Dr Doris Day, who has herself become a regular on many American talk shows, and runs her own Cosmetic Surgery practice. Dr Day talked the audience through how lasers work to remove unwanted hair by damaging each hair's shaft to the point where it will not grow back."Lasers work on the root and shaving and waxing only work at the surface of the skin," she said. "The new lasers work on many different skin tones and are safe for the skin." Giving advice to people with unwanted facial hair, she urged them to seek advice from their own doctor before undergoing Laser Hair Removal, to find out whether the condition is caused by an imbalance of hormones which can be treated medically.