12 January 2012

Dr Hilary Jones, known for his regular appearances on ITV's morning television programmes, has revealed his personal views on PIP implants. According to online publication Cosmetic News, Dr Jones said private clinics should not be held responsible for providing patients with the implants which were used "in good faith". Health secretary Andrew Lansley said last week that following a review of evidence by medical experts, no link had been found between PIP implants and cancer. He also said there was not enough evidence to recommend the routine removal of the implants.Dr Jones said following the announcement last week that concerned NHS patients would be able to have their implants removed and replaced, it was good to hear the government intends to work with the private sector to ensure patients' needs are met. He said: "Patient wellbeing is paramount and that remains inviolable and indisputable whether someone has had treatments on the NHS or privately. "Following Andrew Lansleys statement on PIP implants it's important for everyone to remember that all medical professionals used the government regulated PIP implants in good faith. Hundreds of nurses and surgeons in private clinics are distressed at the implication that they used a cheap implant and the idea that they are at fault for using what was a government-approved product." Source: