04 May 2012

Hosts of US television’s Today programme this morning underwent non-surgical cosmetic treatments live on air. Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb both chose to have treatments as part of an episode named ‘Needles, Knives or Nothing’, both happy to trial the procedures in front of a studio audience and the viewers at home. Kotb chose laser hair removal, while Gifford had a non-surgical eyebrow lift – both were fully kitted out in surgical gowns and caps for the episode, which also saw three men interviewed about their views on cosmetic surgery.When discussing the focus of the episode, Kotb, 47, said: “A lot of people have heard of Botox and different types of other procedures, but they've never actually seen them happen, or figured out how much they cost, in case they wanted those.” Gifford, 58, added: “There's a huge curiosity factor, we're going to be human guinea pigs today, showing five different procedures live.” The other three procedures were performed on volunteers, one had Botox, one had thread vein removal and the other had Cellulaze. Of the brow lift, the surgeon performing the procedure said: “This is doing what a facelift would do - delivering different levels of heat, it lifts and tightens the skin.” “Over several months, you'll see a progressive lift, from your own collagen working overtime,” she added. Of the permanent hair removal, Kotb said: “It feels like a cold blast.” The surgeon explains: “[The laser] kills the follicles from underneath the skin, which feels like a cold blast of air. You can do it anywhere on your face and body.” See original story here: