TV show follows woman's quest to become the 'Scouse Pamela Anderson'

10 February 2014

bra sizeA woman's obsession with attaining the looks of her idol, former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, is the subject of a TV documentary being screened tomorrow (Tuesday). Carolyn Anderson from Liverpool – who has changed her surname to reflect her aspiration to follow her idol – is even marketing a range of T-shirts, posters and calendars on which she refers to herself as 'Scouse Pammie'.Her quest to imitate the Baywatch babe was encouraged by her dad, who noticed his daughter's similarity to the 80s TV star while she was still a teenager. She admits that she gets sunbed and spray tan sessions for nothing, because her father owns a hair and beauty salon. Carolyn's list of regular treatments, according to The Daily Mirror, includes Botox and Lip Fillers every six months, facials, hair colouring and teeth whitening. She even confesses that, at the time she had her first Breast Enlargement, nearly a decade ago when she was 21, she had been "naive", and the experience almost put her off having further surgery. But now, three years later since she last had Breast Surgery, she says: "I really would like to go up another size, it's the one thing I'd still like to change, but I'm cautious and don't really want to tempt fate." Responsible Cosmetic Surgeons will not advocate going to such extremes when it comes to undergoing Cosmetic Surgery, advising patients to focus on a more realistic enhancement of what they already have, rather than a complete radical change to emulate celebrity looks. Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery or Non-Surgical treatments with the aim of fully changing your appearance is not regarded as a healthy approach. Before agreeing to anything, patients should always book a consultation with a trained specialist who will be able to advise on which procedures or treatments are actually necessary. Carolyn describes herself as “naive”, which shows that she probably did not fully understand the procedure when she initially agreed to it - this could have been due to her young age at the time. What do you think of Carolyn's efforts to look like her idol – are they justified? Have you ever set out to capture the look of a favourite celebrity? Let us know on Facebook or send us a tweet.