27 July 2009

Young teenagers considering cosmetic surgery is a controversial topic and many ethical cosmetic surgery clinics do not treat children under 18. However, a recent survey discovered that 26 per cent of teenage respondents were considering cosmetic surgery.The BBC also reposts that in the last three years the number of teenagers choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery has risen 500 per cent. The broadcaster created a TV show designed to ask teenagers to rethink their position on breast enlargement, dubbed My Big Decision, which was aired on Thursday July 23. The programme hoped to help teenagers understand that they are still growing and too young to consider surgery by providing them with access to expert opinions and other girls who had chosen to have surgery at a very young age. One of the featured teens, 17-year-old Kat, said that she was still eager to pursue a breast enlargement by the end of the show but that the experience had shown her that it was better for her to wait. She said that she did want a boob job: "I'm not going to lie, but I think in a couple of years' time when I'm 20 or 25 but for now I'm just going to concentrate on college." Kianna, who also took part in the show, is only 13 and she was determined to travel to America where girls as young as 16 can have surgery. She said: "The things I don't like about my body are my breastsI spend almost 100% of my life thinking about it." However, by the end of the show she claimed she was happy being a teenager. She said: "I like my body at the moment, I don't feel like a little girl, or a womanI feel like a teenager."