14 June 2012

Former model Nancy Dell’Olio has revealed that twice yearly Botox injections are perfect for keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. The 50-year-old was photographed out and about yesterday, with full lips that suggested she may also have had dermal lip fillers. Her pout is likely to be the result of non-surgical lip enhancements as it appeared to be much fuller than in previous images.In a recent interview, the former contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, said: “We must always do little things to take care of ourselves which prevent doing major work later on, like facials and even a little Botox when you need it. “It's something you can do without going too major and you still look like yourself,” she added. Of Botox in particular, she said: “There's nothing wrong with Botox, as long as you have the right doctor and the right measurement. Twice a year is perfect.” See original story here: