23 November 2011

Original supermodel “Twiggy” – real name Lesley Lawson – has revealed that she would consider having cosmetic surgery when she turns 70. In a recent interview with Woman magazine, the 62-year-old said: “I do know people who have had nips and tucks done very well and who look refreshed so I understand it.” The face of Marks & Spencer added: “I haven’t had anything done yet but maybe when I’m 70 and think it’s time to have something done – never say never. But I would say to anyone, research your surgeon very, very well.”Twiggy admitted that she thinks some people take cosmetic surgery too far but that she can see that procedures can have subtle, rejuvenating results. “Cosmetic surgery can be scary – it’s sometimes like looking at someone wearing a mask. In Florida I recently saw a woman who looked like a fish!” she said.