16 December 2011

The Russian word for Botox was trending on Twitter last night, further fuelling rumours that the country’s prime minister has had anti-ageing treatments. The resurgence of the speculation surrounding Vladimir Putin was prompted by his televised address to the nation, in which he put forward arguments for his return to the presidency in the New Year. He appeared looking smooth and wrinkle-free for the cameras, particularly around the eye area.Many people believe that the 59-year-old looks younger than his years and cosmetic surgery and Botox rumours began circulating at a press conference in October last year, when he appeared to have bruising around one eye. At the same press conference he also appeared to be wearing heavy makeup. Of the incident, his spokesman said that it was not bruising but rather the light falling awkwardly on his face. Leading plastic surgeons have commented that he may well have had Botox in his forehead, surgery to remove eye bags and dermal fillers in his cheeks.