Two years applying make-up! Could Laser & Skin Treatments offer a time saving alternative to your morning routine?

Two years applying make-up! Could Laser & Skin Treatments offer a time saving alternative to your morning routine?

27 August 2015

According to a recent study, British women spend an average of two years applying make-up over the course of their life time – two years!

Over 1,000 women were surveyed for the study, with one in ten admitting to spending up to two hours a day getting ready and more than a third saying they spend 40 minutes everyday preening.  Most women said they were spurred on by the confidence boost looking their best gave them, with slightly less ladies wanting to impress their partners and other women with their look.

A healthy complexion was the most desirable attribute according to the women surveyed though achieving a radiant glow is quite a commitment, and four out of five respondents said they’d like to cut down the time they spend getting ready in the morning.

So could a diligent skincare routine – including Laser & Skin Treatments – be the answer for a few more precious minutes in bed in the morning?

Laser & Skin Treatments are medically proven to improve the tone and texture of skin, as well as brightening and plumping the complexion. They’re a means of fixing rather than hiding your skin complaints.

The effective results mean you’ll spend far less time covering imperfections with make-up – here are some of the best Non Invasive treatments for common skin complaints.

For acne:

There are various treatments available depending on the type of acne you have. Skin Peels, PPx Lasers and the Dermaroller can all be used to effectively treat acne. A clearer complexion will not only give you a fantastic confidence boost, but it’ll mean less time spent carefully applying concealer before you leave the house.

For lines and wrinkles:

Lines and wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process, but you can stall them with a range of Laser & Skin Treatments.

Microdermabrasion is a great option for fine lines and wrinkles, and for generally brightening the appearance of your skin. The deep exfoliation rejuvenates by removing dead skin cells for younger looking skin.

Dermal Fillers are another effective solution, as their name suggests, the injections literally ‘fill out’ creases in the skin for a youthful, plumped complexion.

For uneven skin tone:

Sun damage, ageing and genetics can all cause an uneven looking skin tone, and while cosmetics will go a long way to hiding the problem, Non Surgical Treatments can eliminate, rather than cover the condition.

The Obagi Blue Skin peel is recommended for uneven pigmentation, the treatment works by removing the top of layer dead skin cells, revealing a rejuvenated, new layer of skin beneath.

The Dermaroller is also an effective skin tone treatment, by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes; the micro needling treatment causes the skin to regenerate.

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Image credit: Badger81/ Shutterstock