26 June 2009

The United Arab Emirates is the latest region to join the trend of increasing instances of male cosmetic surgery. Like the UK and the USA, more and more men in the UAE are turning to cosmetic surgery to change aspects of their appearance with which they are unhappy. According to the Khaleej Times, cosmetologists are reporting that as many as 20 per cent of people undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures are men, a number far higher than the global average of 12 per cent.Plastic surgeon Luiz Toledo told the newspaper: "I have been doing more breast reductions in men than I ever did previously. "People in this region are more conscious about image than elsewhere. Local men buy for themselves the most expensive clothes, wear perfumes and drive expensive cars. They are very conscious about looking their best." Managing director of Aesthetica Clinic Dubai, Maria Khattar, also remarked that men were more likely to undergo treatments that did not make it obvious they had had a procedure. She cited wrinkle-relaxing injections and laser hair removal as some of the most popular treatments for men, saying: "Im sure there is a stigma attached to cosmetic treatment in the Middle East for men. It has been perceived as being vain, so they dont want people to know. But people want to look young in the workplace as it is associated with being more successful." The UK has seen similar leaps in the volume of cosmetic surgery undergone by men, with chest reductions and liposuction among the most popular.