19 June 2009

As Ugly Betty returns to take TV ratings by storm, it has been revealed that Vanessa Williams, who plays underhand creative director, Wilhelmina Slater is a botox fan.In an interview with the Daily Mail, the star revealed that she makes use of the wrinkle relaxing injections to maintain her youthful visage. Williams said that some actresses are tempted to go too far with cosmetic surgery in their quest to look younger: "But I'm 46 and I use it to maintain some smooth skin, as opposed to doing it to look young. As long as it's administered well, it's all fine with me," she added. As a singer, songwriter and model, Williams has enjoyed a long career in the public eye and first stirred controversy in the early eighties when she became the first African American woman to be crowned Miss America. However, she was later stripped of the role following the emergence of nude photos. The star also said that she enjoyed working with Ugly Betty's stylist Patricia Field, who spent time on the Sex in the City set too, and revealed that the show had spies in the fashion industry that helps its creators come up with its storylines. The new series is set to see ultra stylish Wilhelmina shake off a little of her bad-girl image as she become more tolerant of 'ugly' Betty. Williams said: "Although Wilhelmina initially considered Betty to be "merely an eyesore" by this season the unthinkable happens and the two share a bond of sorts."