14 April 2010

As production wraps on the final season of the hit US show Ugly Betty, star Vanessa Williams is ready to move on with her career and is still looking and feeling great with the help of BotoxSpeaking with about the wrinkle relaxing injections, Vanessa said: "I think you have to go to the right people, and I want to look like myself. I don't want to look like anybody else. I just don't want to look tired. It has nothing to do with changing my appearance or looking like I'm stunned."The 47-year-old actress looks great for her age, and although she is best known for her role as dastardly Wilhelmina Slater in the TV series, Vanessa has also embarked on a successful Broadway career - one that she is able to dedicate more time to now that her gruelling TV schedule is over. Currently starring in Sondheim on Sondheim, the second time she has worked with the respected composer, Vanessa made it clear that she's excited about returning to her musical roots. "I grew up learning two instruments," she explained. "I was so lucky to have parents that respected the arts. When I decided to continue and make a living in it, they didn't say, 'Oh, get a real job.' They embraced it." The 47-year-old actress has always been vocal in her support of Botox, and last year was asked to be the face of a women's charity campaign organised by Botox makers Allergen.