02 July 2009

Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams has teamed up not-for-profit company Dress for Success and Botox-maker Allergan in order to offer career advice to disadvantaged women in the workplace. The charity campaign, Express Success, aims to empower women in the current job market and Williams attended the launch of the drive in New York City this week. The actress and singer took part in several activities on the day, including a race to dress mannequins in clothes donated to the cause.Williams - who has always been frank about her use of wrinkle-relaxing injections - has worked in conjunction with Dress for Success for a number of years, before she was asked by Allergan to be the face of Express Success. Speaking to entertainment site PopEater, Williams said that the intention of the campaign is to "celebrate women while giving back". Referencing her history with Botox specifically, she said: "As a woman, I have been honest about using Botox. It's no secret that I receive the cosmetic treatments. "The procedure has helped reduce the two frown lines in between my brows that give me a tired or stressed appearance... This is an opportunity to educate women if they have any questions about the procedure." The 46-year-old singer was propelled into the limelight in 1983 when she became the first African-American women to be crowned Miss America. Later on, she made a career in music and has revived her popularity in her highly acclaimed performance as Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty. The role has partial real-life crossovers for Williams, as her character also receives Botox injections in the TV show, the third series of which was completed in the USA in May but has just started airing on the UK's Channel 4.