04 July 2014

Have you ever wondered why your skin seems to change when you go on holiday? Even if you have a stay-cation in the UK, there’s a chance that your skin will look different. A new study has revealed which cities in the UK are the best and worse for skin. The study focused on finding out which were the most and least skin-friendly areas of the UK, taking into account a variety of factors including ozone, nitrogen dioxide, pollution, UV and temperature levels. An independent Dermatologist explained: “exposure to environmental stressors such as urban pollution, smoke and sun exposure is one of the main causes of visible skin ageing.” Residents of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Belfast and Sunderland can enjoy the benefits of low ‘urban dust’ levels, increasing the likelihood of problem-free skin. You may not be surprised to hear that London was dubbed the least skin-friendly city, closely followed by Birmingham, Bristol, Rochester and Cardiff. Those who live in these areas are at risk of “accelerated skin ageing”, according to the Dermatologist. It’s not just dust levels which affect our skin either – temperature and UV levels also contribute to skin problems, with those in Portsmouth, Plymouth, Port Talbot, Cardiff and Southampton advised to wear sun cream with a high protection factor to maintain younger-looking skin free from sun damage. Whereabouts in the UK do you call home? Have you noticed skin problems in line with the study findings? Let us know on Facebook.