20 January 2012

Television presenter Ulrika Jonsson has stood up for women who have found or are looking to achieve confidence with the help of cosmetic surgery. In an outburst against model Kelly Brook, Jonsson, 44, expressed anger at what she perceived as insensitive comments made in an interview with The Telegraph.Jonsson, a mother of four, wrote in her column for The Sun: You possess the perfect female form - of course you're happy with your body! Little wonder then that you've made a living out of showing your body off - and perhaps less from your brains. She continued: To hear you lambasting women less happy with their body, who have opted for surgery, is like a Porsche bitching about a Reliant Robin. Kelly, some of us weren't born with the fabulous genes you've inherited. Last week, Brook, 32, said: I can't bear the fact that girls these days think you have to be thin to be beautiful and successful. I'm not thin. I don't starve myself. I don't look at my face and body and think I need surgery or a boob job or a bum lift. It makes me very angry when women in the public eye talk about what work they've had done, because it makes other women feel devalued, she added. Jonsson also emphasised that it was important for women in the public eye to be open about how they achieve their body shapes, and not try to dupe impressionable women into thinking such figures were always achievable by diet and exercise alone.