27 October 2008

Ulrika Jonsson has been talking once again about having a breast reduction, in order to reduce the size of her chest.

The former weather presenter revealed in September that she was unhappy with her breasts, which increased from a 34G to a 34I cup during her last pregnancy.

Speaking to GMTV last month, she said: "I have been thinking about breast reduction for a number of years, not just in the last couple of weeks. I've been endowed with a rather large bosom

"While other women are having breast augmentations, I'm thinking of having what I'm calling corrective surgery." However, the 41-year-old has been talking about the state of her post-pregnancy breasts again, this time with the Mail on Sunday. According to Now magazine, she told the newspaper: "I was truly repulsed by my breasts. I likened myself to a fat, ageing porn star.

"If anything could be less desirable than bloated, humongous 'mummy bags', it's a deflated pair."

Ulrika has now announced that she will undergo the much-desired breast reduction operation next year.

Breast reduction has become a much more popular treatment among celebrities over the course of the year. Both Katie Price and Kerry Katona - famous for their previous breast enlargements - have undergone the operation within the last few months.

The procedure is also gaining currency as a popular post-pregnancy surgery, along with tummy tucks, breast lifts and liposuction.