20 October 2009

With cosmetic surgery becoming ever more popular as surgical procedures become more affordable, it is vital that patients have access to full knowledge about treatments they are considering.The Jakarta Post reports that a new publication from cosmetic and craniofacial specialist Enrina Dinah aims to provide prospective patients with all the information necessary to allow them to make an informed judgement on which procedure is right for them. Ultimate Beauty: Becoming an Amazing Personality with Aesthetic Surgery covers the entire process of cosmetic surgery, from the importance of choosing a reputable and qualified surgeon to the preparations and considerations required prior to undergoing surgery - for example, some procedures require smokers to give up their habit for up to two weeks prior to surgery. The book covers numerous types of cosmetic surgery, from popular treatments such as breast augmentation, tummy tucks and female genital enhancement to contemporary trends including 'mummy makeovers' and wedding makeovers that allow brides to look their best on the big day. The book also devotes a chapter to cosmetic surgery for men, focusing on corrective surgeries such as male chest reduction and liposuction as well as cosmetic enhancements. The final chapter explores the after-effects of surgery, and what patients can expect. Ultimate Beauty is aimed at anyone considering cosmetic surgery procedures, and avoids using complicated medical jargon to allow all readers to fully understand what their cosmetic surgery procedure will mean for them.