Uneven skin-tone? 4 common causes of blotchy skin and how to fix them

9 July 2015

Maintaining a clear complexion can feel like an uphill struggle, but there are a few all too easy skincare mistakes that could be hindering you.

  • Over exfoliating

Scrubbing away at your skin might feel like you’re doing the right thing in giving it a really good clean, but in fact going over-board with the exfoliator can leave your skin inflamed. Too much exfoliation breaks down the skin’s natural barrier, leaving it exposed to harsh outside elements and ultimately causing imperfections.

To avoid over exfoliating steer clear of gritty, rough scrubs and choose gentler products that contain micro beads or exfoliating sugars instead. This way you’ll get smooth, clean skin without doing any damage.

  • Using harsh soap

In the same way that exfoliating too much can leave delicate skin exposed, harsh soaps can strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and irritated. The best remedy for this is to choose soap with a neutral pH balance or a hydrating, non-soap cleanser.

  • Fragranced products

While scented products can be alluring, the fragrances they contain can be too harsh for your skin. Use products that are fragrance and dye free to avoid irritation, and try applying a spritz of fragrance to your clothes rather than directly to your skin instead.

  • Exercise

By no means are we discouraging you from a healthy work-out! The benefits of exercise greatly out-weigh the pink complexion it can cause. But if you are prone to looking rosy after a gym session, spritz your face a spring water containing anti-inflammatory minerals to help your complexion cool down.

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Image credit: Richard M Lee/ Shutterstock