09 May 2011

South African-born actress and model Jessica Marais has revealed that she would not rule out the possibility of having cosmetic surgery in the future. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the 26-year-old blonde said that such decisions should be made carefully, particularly as an actress. “Personally I think beauty is about how you feel and your image of yourself, and I think ‘each to their own’”, she said. “I don't really have definite thoughts on it, but, as an actress, I think it's very important to be able to move your face. But I know a lot of older actresses who do dabble with small amounts of Botox and things like that, and still manage to have expression. I don't think I can say, ‘I'll never, ever do that’ because I'm not 40 yet”, she added. The actress, who is an Australian passport holder and lives down under, is set to star in a Miami-based project and hopes the move will kick-start her acting career in America.