06 March 2013

Fat injectionBotox is being found to have a number of additional beneficial uses apart from in cosmetic procedures and the latest to be discovered could bring good news for incontinence sufferers. Early tests conducted under the guidance of the American Food and Drug Administration have reinforced earlier research, which found that the commonly-used filler can be used to slowly increase bladder capacity, so reducing the frequency with which patients need to visit the toilet (bathroom), as well as their discomfort. American health news website said the news that Botox could offer a viable relief from incontinence would come as good news to female incontinence sufferers, who had previously pinned their hopes for a solution to their problem on a range of mesh implants. Botox, however, has been found to offer a more sustainable solution, provided patients maintain a 12-week gap between treatments, and allow three weeks for their treatment to achieve its full effect.