03 March 2014

80402103Increasingly competitive workplaces and cultural stereotypes around age are responsible for more of the American 'Baby Boomer' generation starting to consider available Anti-Ageing procedures. With the entrance of the next generation into the marketplace, both men and women are feeling pressure to maintain a youthful appearance through Surgical and Non Surgical means enabling them keep up and be competitive with their younger counterparts , particularly so when looking for a new job.This has been a growing trend seen by many Surgeons. "In the last five years, it's happened way more often," said Dr Jonathan Pontelli, a Cosmetic Surgeon who practises in Media, Pennsylvania. Dr Pontelli added on speaking to his patients, up to up to one in five of whom are men, that he learnt they are prompted by two major factors when seeking a procedure: to help them compete in finding a job, and then to stay competitive when they are in the workplace. An upper and / or lower Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and Mini-Facelifts are among the most common procedures for patients looking at Anti-Ageing options. He concluded that, whether consciously or not, employers do take appearances into consideration when short listing potential employees: "People perceive people that look youthful are alert and less tired, he said. Just because someone has loose skin on top of eyelids doesnt mean anything but people do make judgments based on what they see." -Would you consider an Anti-Ageing procedure if you were competing for a new job? Let us know on Facebook.